Julio Hurtado

Adapting hybrid processes to the context and objectives of the project


It is widely accepted that a good software process is essential for developing quality software products. Studies show that most software companies apply hybrid processes to develop software, that is, an organised combination of traditional and agile practices.
Software process improvement and adaptation have been researched for several years, but there is less experience when it comes to hybrid software processes. Therefore, it is not always clear which combination of practices is best suited to a given context, be it for the company or a given project. Moreover, the most suitable process also depends on a particular objective.

In this talk we will talk about dynamic adaptation for
Hybrid Software Processes (DynaTail), which aims at achieving
three purposes: (1) to enable the adaptation of the organisational process in
according to the project context when pursuing a given goal; (2) to provide a framework for testing different modifications of processes and contexts in order to obtain better results for a particular project. (3) We describe the method by illustrating it with an implementation example inspired by a Chilean software company. The method promises to be useful to perform a quantitative evaluation of hybrid software processes.

Julio Ariel Hurtado


Julio Ariel Hurtado is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from Universidad del Cauca (1997), Specialist in Software Development Processes from Universidad San Buenaventura (2002) and PhD in Computer Science from Universidad de Chile (2012).

His areas of interest are development processes, architectures and software reuse.

In recent years he has been researching on the development of computational thinking and on aspects related to process design and situational collaborative methods in different scenarios of software construction.