Public policies and ageing people in Argentina: access to information and communication technologies


The presentation will analyse the new health regulations in relation to the use of electronic prescriptions, on-line medical consultation and medical records from the Covid19 in Argentina. Likewise, the situation of banking penetration and the use of ICTs in relation to the elderly will also be analysed. Finally, the situation of the elderly in relation to the need to use and access new technologies will be presented.


Full name: Maria Julieta Oddone
Affiliation: FLACSO (Latin American Social Sciences Institute).


Degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Master's degree in Gerontology from the National University of Córdoba. Doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Buenos Aires.   Professor of Sociology of Old Age and Ageing at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA and of Labour Relations at the same Faculty.   Researcher at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina (CONICET).   Director of the Ageing and Society Programme at FLACSO (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences).    She directs national and international research projects and programmes.   She has published numerous articles in national and international books and scientific journals and has provided advice to academic institutions and national and international organizations on the subject.     Research of the Ageing and Society Programme (FLACSO):  

  • Changes and events in the course of life (Comparative study between Argentina and Switzerland).  
  • Social Policies and Support Networks in Old Age. A comprehensive analysis between Institutional Programmes and Actors.  
  • i-Link Project for the study of Active Ageing: Spain, Argentina and Mexico.  
  • Reinsertion of unemployed older workers into the labour market: an in-depth study of successful models of community-based employment and productive microenterprises