Common instructions

Join to virtual session

Please, before the workshop starts, make sure that:

  • You have installed the latest version of the Zoom (Zoom Client for Meetings).
  • You have registered for the workshop. Registration is free and all attendees/presenters/session chairs must register*. You can do it from the Registration section or from the following link:
  • The password to access the Zoom virtual sessions will be sent to the registered persons to their email (registration email).

*If you comply with several of the figures, you only need to register once. If you have an accepted paper, at least one of the authors must register as a presenter to be included in the proceedings.

Instructions for attendees

General tips for attendees

For each session (paper presentations and keynotes) of the workshop, the session chairs will follow the next guidelines:

  • Before each session: In the Program section you can see session information. You will be able to see in which sessions you are a Session Chair.
  • 10 min before: The technical committee opens the Zoom session for Session chair and presenters. Session chair coordinates the session with presenters.
  • 5 min before: The technical committee opens the Zoom session and will allow you to join the attendees.
  • At the beginning of the session: The Session Chair introduces the session. It also reminds us of the procedure to follow (time for presentation, time for questions, ...)
  • During the session: The Session Chair moderates the presentation.
  • After each presentation: The Session chair leads the way and moderates the question time. During the question time, the Session Chair gives way to the attendees who want to ask questions.