Summer School 2021


The International Institute for Research and Innovation on Ageing (4IE+) organises one summer school in 2021, that it will be held in Cáceres September. Attendees can register through the registration form available. The programme is shown below. For further information, please consult the contact section.


José Manuel García-Alonso

University of Extremadura

Javier Berrocal

University of Extremadura


Sumi Helal

Lancaster University, UK

Brief Resume

Sumi Helal, is professor and Chair in Digital Health at Lancaster University, UK, where he leads interdisciplinary research initiatives in digital health in both the School of Computing and Communications (Faculty of Science and Technology) and the Division of Health Research (Faculty of Health and Medicine). As Director of Lancaster University’s Center on Digital Health and Quality of Life Technologies, he leads several active projects on Connected Health Cities, Healthy New Towns design and implementation, suicide prevention using cybernetics and analytics, Airport Accessibility for the hearing impaired, and intelligent primary care GP-Patient interactions. He is a board member and lead of the digital health infrastructure and strategies in the Fylde Whyndyke Garden Village – one of ten NHS England Healthy New Towns development project (a 1400-unit, green grass development which provides for a unique opportunity to embed health elements, by design, in public areas, neighborhoods, and the town community hub (school, wellness center and health care facility), to promote health and wellbeing, active and healthy living and ageing, prevent illnesses and improve people’s quality of life.